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Evolve: just as good offline as online

Evolve header WeirdGamer

Evolve, the 4 versus 1 shooter that’s set to come out February 10th, can be played offline as well. Sure, it is nice to team up with 3 other friends to kill a monster, but sometimes you just want to chill on your own, right? Evolve happens to be just as much fun playing offline as it is online.

The following infographic shows how much fun the offline single player in Evolve can be compared to the multiplayer mode.

Evolve offline infographic WeirdGamerClick image for larger version

As you see, there is absolutely no difference between online gaming and offline gaming in Evolve. It’s almost refreshing to see that some developers still take the time to deliver a fully functional single player version instead of focusing entirely on the online gameplay.

And to show how much fun it is to play Evolve in single player mode, check out this video. In this 22 minute video you see 2 matches played, all in offline mode.

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