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Battlefield Hardline: Full of action, and cars

Battlefield Hardline criminals Beta Weirdgamer

With the Beta of Battlefield Hardline out, one thing became clear: you don’t need 2 countries to fight to find yourself in a full on war. In Hardline, it’s police versus baddies, well equipped bad guys to be precise. This gives the game the option to introduce a new game mode: hotwire, and we’re liking it!

In the beta of Battlefield Hardline you only play multiplayer sessions, you can choose between heist, conquest large, and hotwire.


In Heists, the criminals will try to steal valuables from vaults, take them to a helicopter to secure the loot, while the cops must do whatever they can to prevent them from stealing the loot. Like any typical Battlefield session, players will first all run to the vaults. If the criminals manage to get the loot bags, the action will move towards the drop points. There, you must be aware of snipers since these points are all outside.

Apparently, you can play this mode completely different than what we are used to though. Visceral Games (this is their first Battlefield) mentioned that as a criminal you can enter the vault from above, using a grappling hook to get out with the bags, while your mates set up a zip line for you to use to get to the drop point. This requires a lot of teamwork though, so you might need to play with friends in order to get this tactic working.

Battlefield Hardline  zip line Beta Weirdgamer

Conquest large

This is more like the typical capture the flag of Battlefield Hardline, players need to take control of certain points, and try to hold them. The game ends when one of the teams runs out of tickets.


Hotwire is a bit like conquest but the points of interest are moving cars this time. You can jump in a car, ride around and shoot bad guys while on the go. The team that controls least vehicles, loses tickets faster. Again, once one team runs out, the game is over. Riding around with your team mates is actually a lot of fun, especially when you run into a big group of enemies. The only downside to hotwire is, that it sometimes feels like you’re just driving in circles. They could’ve added some more routes in a map just for this mode.

Bear in mind that there are helicopters in Battlefield Hardline, even though you might not have enough heave weaponry to take a helicopter out. At certain points on any map, there are heave weapons to be found. This makes the game very balanced. You do not need RPG’s while entering a bank, but once outside it’s nice to have some more shot power.

Battlefield Hardline load out Beta Weirdgamer

Battlefield Hardline looks good, but not like a Battlefield

The graphics have improved a lot since we first tried the closed beta. The maps are beautiful, full of interesting spots and corners, but it still is just an American city. It is no longer a battlefield in the sense that you are in the middle of a war. Yes, the action is just as hard as in any other Battlefield, but it is weird to walk around a clothing shop while shooting police officers.

When emerged in a massive fight, you might not take notice. It does still feel quite different though.

Battlefield Hardline will be available on March 17th in the US, and March 19th in the EU. If you want to see if your PC is good enough to run Battlefield Hardline, click here.
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