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Black Friday means a lot of cheap games!

It’s a good time to be a gamer. Last week we saw the release of many top AAA titles (GTA 5, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition etc.), this week is the perfect week to buy cheap games, or even consoles. It’s almost Black Friday, which means shoppers go insane to get all the great deals stores are offering them.

Web stores like Origin and Steam have great offers too, so there’s no need to run the risk of getting trapped in a stampede at your local mall. Just stay indoors and order online. Here are some of the stores and their offers.


Electronic Arts own online shop has some amazing offers. What about Titanfall (PC) for $20/€20 or Battlefield 4 for less than $10/€10? Also a lot of Need for Speeds, The Sims packs and all Mass Effects are extremely cheap these days. Click here for the Origin Black Friday Sale.



The biggest web store in the world can’t stay behind on the mass hysteria that we call Black Friday. You might get some good deals on accessories (lots of headsets are on sale at the moment) and some of the lesser known games. The good thing about shopping at Amazon is, is that you can combine it with actual holiday shopping and get some presents for the family while you’re at it. Check it out.


What a coincidence that Steam’s autumn sale happens to start today. It will last until December 2nd, so it’s not an official Black Friday sale, but who cares? It is not clear yet what the offers will be, but usually any Steam sale is impressive.


Of course, when you live in the US the stores like Kmart and Walmart will also deliver, so make sure to check them out too. Happy holidays!

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