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Cities Skylines mod: GTA 5 Los Santos is impressive

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Let’s stay with Cities Skylines, since it’s the hottest game around at the moment. If you are a big GTA 5 fan and can’t wait to get that GTA 5 feeling on your PC and you can’t wait another month, then maybe Cities Skylines is the solution. The immensely popular game has a mod that recreated Los Santos and its surroundings.

Cities Skylines is a city building game in which you have complete freedom to build what you want. It’s pretty much what SimCity was supposed to be. You can read our review here.

Cities Skylines was only released for 2days and a fan already built Los Santos. Or better, San Andreas. Besides Los Santos, this mod has Paleto and Sandy Shores. It will give you that feeling of GTA 5, but unfortunately, you cannot do much more than look at it. Obviously, you can not go around causing trouble like you’re used to in the real game. It’s also pretty much impossible to build something new, as the making of Los Santos in Cities Skylines was so expensive, that the city is bankrupt the second you open the mod.GTA 5 Cities Skylines 1Even though you cannot do much in this version of Los Santos, it’s still nice to have a look though. Makes you realize how impressive it is, and how much time this player, grockefeller, has put in it. Obviously, we at WeirdGamer appreciate such effort. It only makes us more eager to finally see GTA 5 for PC getting launched. April 14th can’t come soon enough!

You can find the GTA 5 Los Santos Cities Skylines mod here.

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