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Cities: Skylines will be covered in snow

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It’s been winter for a while now, certain parts of the world are completely covered in snow. From February 18th, your cities in Cities: Skylines will also be majestic white as snow is coming to Paradox Interactive’s successful videogame.Cities: Skylines Snow WeirdGamer 1

It not just for the looks

The snow looks amazing in Cities: Skylines but it’s not just aesthetics that come with the winter; you will have to clean the roads so traffic won’t suffer. Trams will be introduced too, but they won’t slow down when the snow comes falling down. Snow plows will bring the snow to snow dumps where it will gradually melt. The amount of snow plows on the road depends on your road budget.

It might not come as a surprise, but snow only falls when the temperatures drop. So while it looks so pretty outside, the people that are inside don’t want to freeze to death. Logically, they turn op the heater. This means electricity consumption will rise significantly. In order to avoid creating global warming within 1 winter, you get to provide your cities with new heating services such as Geothermal Heating Plants or Boiler Stations.Cities: Skylines Snow WeirdGamer 2

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