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Console war is over: meet the PlayBox


Should you get an Xbox One or PlayStation 4? Do you prefer Forza or Gran Turismo? For some, this is not an easy question to answer. It gets really tough when some of your friends have an Xbox, and others have a PS4. Until today, because now there’s the PlayBox, a laptop that holds both consoles.

Edward Zarick, from, managed to build both consoles in one reasonably sized ‘box’, mounted a monitor on top, and voila: the first PS4/Xbox One Combo Laptop! There is a switch in the back that let’s you switch the power to either the PS4 or the Xbox One. So you can’t run them at the same time, which would make no sense at all, since there’s only one monitor.

On the left side of the PlayBox there is a cd slide for the PlayStation 4, and on the right side there’s one for your Xbox One games. The PlayBox is not (yet) for sale though, the unit in this video is custom made for a customer. We would love to see more of these made though.


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