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Dying Light gives you super powers on April Fools

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Zombie game Dying Light gives you super powers for April 1st. These powers will only work for 24 hours; Dying Light will be back to normal on April 2nd.

Dying Light WeirdGamer

Thanks to an anti-zombie drug called Antizine you, as a player, will have extreme powers. This means you will kick ass while fighting the undead. In the video below, which is an important public service announcement, you see that Antizine has the following side effects:

Uncontrollable fits of physical violence, excessive strength and aggression, persistent muscle tension, severely altered motor skills, and obsessive compulsive need to kick stuff.

Despite the warning about Antizine, it looks like a great drug to play with on April 1st in Dying Light.

So if you want to enjoy this madness, make sure to play Dying Light tomorrow, April 1st. And remember, the side effects of the drugs will wear off on April 2nd.

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