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Edge of Eternity: an ode to classic JRPG’s

Edge of Eternity WeirdGamer 1

Edge of Eternity is a game in the making. At the moment, a team of 4 people named Midgar Studio, is developing a game that resembles the classic JRPG’s like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy.

4 guys from Nîmes, France have been working on quite an extraordinary project. They are trying to create a game with a gorgeous open world, a compelling story, and ATB battles. Does this sound familiar? You could say that the old Squaresoft games were used as inspiration.

The project

Edge of Eternity is still in development. Midgar Studio just recently started a Kickstarter, and so far the success is enormous. At the moment of writing there are 29 days left, and the original goal is already been reached easily. But their stretch goals are very ambitious too. They want Edge of Eternity to come out on next gen consoles (goal has also been reached) and add very interesting features to the game.

Like a traditional JRPG, Edge of Eternity will have ATB battles, in which every character has its own order of fighting. Weapons will be evolving, so you start pretty weak, but will grow and become powerful as you progress. The world is a beautiful open fantasy in which you choose your own path. The same goes for the story, it is not linear; you decide what will happen next.

Edge of Eternity WeirdGamer world map

The story

The fantasy world Edge of Eternity takes place in, is called Heryon. There were crystals that gave the realms of Heryon the same amount of power, which meant there was peace all over the world.

Then spaceships appeared and destroyed one of the capital cities and took over parts of the land. In order to fight them, Reynan creates the Consortium. This army manages to push the enemies back into their spaceships, but these seem impenetrable.

Edge of Eternity WeirdGamer 2

From these fortresses, the enemies spread a decease called the Metal Sickness, anyone who touches it will turn into metal monster-like creatures. The Consortium fears the Metal Sickness, so everyone who is believed to be infected is banished.

This is the harsh world that Daryon, our main character, lives in. He meets Selen, a young woman who is -just like Daryon- hunted by the Consortium for illegal technology use. Eventually, their journey will have a major impact on the whole world.

So why Kickstarter?

As mentioned before, the 4 lads working for Midgar Studio are very ambitious. They want Edge of Eternity to be released on as much as 5 platforms (PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One), and also call in the help of some experienced people in the field to make the game even better. Yasunori Mitsuda, for example, who composed music for titles as Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Xenosaga, Soul Sacrifice, Kid Icarus: Uprising and more.

The release date isn’t until 2016, but you can already download a pre alpha demo for PC, Linux, and Mac to have a look for yourself. You can see that the graphics look very promising. We can’t criticize much as this is even pre alpha version, but there are some things we noticed.

Edge of Eternity WeirdGamer Gif

During the battles, we chose the Final Fantasy setting. This means that when you give orders, the time meter continues so you get attacked. This is no problem, but battles are played differently in Edge of Eternity. Besides giving an order, you are also supposed to hit a button at the right moment. This is practically impossible when giving orders to another character.

We also assume that the team will have a professional translator to take a look at the text, because it is obvious the writers aren’t native English. And a game like Edge of Eternity deserves perfectly written dialogue.

Edge of Eternity WeirdGamer 4

Have a look at the Edge of Eternity Kickstarter page here.

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