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Firewatch: When summer jobs go wrong

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Firewatch is Campo Santos’ debut title, and what a game to start with! We can only congratulate the developer on creating such an atmospheric experience, albeit a bit too easy.

Firewatch is an absolutely stunning game. The graphics are amazing and create this beautiful open world: a national park in Wyoming. You, Henry, go there to forget about your problems at home and picked the right location. It’s big, beautiful, and pretty much deserted; the ideal place to forget all your sorrows. But then it turns out there’s something going on in the park.Firewatch WeirdGamer 2

Firewatch is an exciting thriller

Sitting in a tower overlooking a park, doesn’t sound much like a game, does it? Well, luckily for us things aren’t going quite as planned and Henry is forced in an adventure worthy of a classic thriller. It becomes clear that you are not the only ones (you have contact with a woman in another tower called Delilah) in the park. And it seems that the person there doesn’t have the best intentions with you and Delilah.

Before you arrive at the park, you get some background information about Henry and why he decided to take this summer job at the park.

It is really hard to stop playing Firewatch. You get dragged into this story and you want to find out what is going on and who is behind all this. Slowly but surely you get more equipment, opening up other parts of the park. The further you get, the more intense the story becomes.Firewatch WeirdGamer 3

Stop telling me what to do!

Firewatch isn’t a big game; it takes only a few hours to complete the whole game. This could’ve been easily avoided if the game wasn’t holding your hand the whole time. Not once will you be tested, everything you have to do is clear, too clear. The game will tell you what to do, and where to do it.

It would’ve been nicer if they’d let you figure out some stuff for yourself. This way, you’d be wandering around this amazing place a lot more, adding more value to the enjoyment. Instead, it seems that they want you out of the park as soon as possible, which is a shame. Why would you create such a beautiful world and not let us enjoy it to the fullest? We feel this is a missed opportunity.

Firewatch is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.

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