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First person mode GTA 5 looks amazing!

Rockstar Games has released a video showcasing the first person mode in GTA 5. It is safe to say, that is brings a whole new dimension to the game!

Rockstar wouldn’t be Rockstar if they didn’t take care of the smallest details. So, in first person mode, you actually see the character hotwire the car, you take your phone out of your pocket now instead of it appearing on screen, and each car has a different dashboard. Your car radio will show you what song you are playing, and so on.


It seemed easy to add a first person mode, just adjust the camera angle and you’re done. But looking at the result, it is clear that it wasn’t that easy at all. GTA 5 is now not only a first person shooter, it’s also a first person racing game, a first person fly simulator and even a first person swimming game.

The weirdest sensation though, is the free roaming in this perspective. You can -obviously still- run around the city freely, but it just seems completely different in this view. In case you were wondering if you should buy the game again, watch the video below and decide for yourself.


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