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Gran Turismo Sport without a steering wheel is horrible

Since October 9th we can play the beta for Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4. The full game is set to be released on October 17th, after long delays. Polyphony Digital calls it the best Gran Turismo ever. But is it though? Should we go out and buy the racing sim? The beta is proving us that there might be reasons not to get it.

Gran Turismo Sport: only 10% of the cars for the full price

The game will offer over 140 cars to race with on 19 different tracks. And although that seems impressive, it’s nothing compared to previous versions of Gran Turismo. In fact, it’s only 10% of what we were used to. This leads to suspicions that Polyphony Digital might release new cars as DLC, paid DLC that is. You get to enjoy the 140 cars now, and then every now and then, you’ll find new sexy cars out there. And they won’t even be that expensive… unless you decide to buy them all.

So you pay $60 (or £50/€60) for a game, only to pay more later on to enjoy all of it. And it seems it could add up. And even that is how games nowadays seem to work (where you pay full price to get the right to pay more later), this is not even the worst part of Gran Turismo Sport, oh no. You need a steering wheel in order to enjoy it!

Gran Turismo Sport WeirdGamer

Get used to seeing your car parked in the gravel

It’s practically impossible to play Gran Turismo Sport with a controller

Don’t get me wrong, Gran Turismo Sport looks amazing. The graphics are fantastic, the cars look very real, and the tracks are impressive. But the gameplay is awful. The arcade mode is supposed to be fun; do a quick race, earn some cash, have a blast. How can you have a blast if the handling of the car is so ‘realistic’ that you can’t race properly? Not once do you have the feeling you’re in control of the car. It’s never clear if you’ve hit the breaks enough before a corner unless you try and steer in, only to find out you’re going to fast or too slow. Steering itself is impossible to do correct as well; the stick just doesn’t give you enough control on how much you’re steering.

In all honesty, with a steering wheel it’s a whole different story. Then Gran Turismo Sport is a proper racing sim.The handling is splendid, the amount of feedback the game is giving you is unparalleled. But let’s face it, how many people own a steering wheel? Especially since most steering wheels from the PS3 era are not compatible with the PS4. So that would set you back at least another 150 of your currency. In addition to the paid DLC, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you end up paying around $300 for your Gran Turismo Sport experience, and that is just way too much.

But that’s not all

In case you’re still in doubt about getting Gran Turismo Sport, because you are reminiscing all the good times you had playing the previous versions of Gran Turismo, let me tell you one more thing. You will not start this game buying a cheap Honda Civic, pimping it to earn more money in order to buy more cars. You will not build up a garage like you used to for one simple reason. Polyphone Digital thought it would be sensible to remove one part of the game: the single player career mode. Whoever thought a Gran Turismo game doesn’t need a single player career mode obviously has never played a GT game ever before.

Gran Turismo Sport will be released on October 17th in the USA (October 18th in Europe) for PS4.

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