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GTA Online Heists now available

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Original article: GTA-5-Mods

Since today, players can play heists in GTA Online. This is something gamers have been waiting a long time for, so don’t be surprised to see extra busy servers these days.

GTA Online heists are similar to the heists in GTA 5 single player mode. A group of criminals team up to pull heists, raids, and robberies. This time you can get rich while playing with your friends in GTA Online. The only requirement is, is that you’ve reached level 12 in GTA Online. There are heists that can get you up to 10 million dollars!

One friend will act as Heist leader, and tells the other users what to do. Rockstar Games therefor stresses the importance of headsets for pulling off heists successfully.

In this article, we’ve already mentioned some new modes you can play in GTA Online, depending on how far you progress through the heists.

GTA Online heists March 10th

The update file is pretty big, so make sure you have enough space on your hard disc, and enough patience. It will take a while before you get to play GTA Online Heists if your Internet connection isn’t ultra fast. We’ve had reports from users that the download takes a long time even with fiber optic connections.

Remember: GTA 5 for PC is set to be released April 14th.

What is the first heist you and your friends pulled off?

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