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I am Bread: it ain’t easy being a loaf


I am Bread, by Bossa Studios, is a crazy game in which you have to direct a slice of bread to a toaster. And you better believe it, this bread simulator is extremely hard to play.

It doesn’t matter if you play with a keyboard or with a controller, it is really hard to guide your loaf of bread from one side of the kitchen to the other, where the toaster is. But if we have to chose, we’d play I am Bread with a controller.

i am bread weirdgamer 2It can get frustrating when you climb a cupboard and run out of grip, or when you lose too much edibility. It can take many hours before you finally get to the toaster. It can take much longer getting the loaf properly inside the toaster. Keep in mind that the kitchen is only the first level of I am Bread.

I am Bread might be extremely difficult, it is however, a joy to play. The happy music and colorful graphics make it a hilarious game. Bossa Studios earlier released Surgeon Simulator, a game that was equally difficult and funny. The developers seem to be really good at giving most gamers an experience they would never have. In I am Bread you really get a deeper look in the life of something you never thought had a life to begin with.

i am bread weirdgamer 1If you like a laugh, and are willing to put your patience to the test, then I am Bread is an ideal game for you. The gameplay is very challenging, and the game itself is so hilarious, that it is hard to stop even though you probably suck at I am Bread. You just keep on failing and smiling.

I am Bread is now available at Steam. Check it out here.



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