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MINIDAYZ, a free 2D version of DayZ

A fan made MINIDAYZ, a 2D open world survival game. It is like Arma III’s DayZ, but not in 3D, and not online, but it is for free!

Bohemia Interactive saw MINIDAYZ and decided to support it and offer it on their website. You can play MINIDAYZ for free in your browser. It has all the aspects of survival you’d find in DayZ. You need to find weapons, food, bandages and other supplies to surivive, while avoiding zombies and other players.

The other players in this version are NPC’s, that will shoot you as soon as they see you, so there’s no room for niceties here. MINIDAYZ comes in 3 difficulties, and even the easiest setting is already quite the challenge, just like Arma III’s DayZ. In this game you can’t hide in the forest though, so you are pretty much always open and exposed.

Bohemia says it is working on a multiplayer, but for now you will have to survive on your won. Go to the MINIDAYZ website and play it for yourself.


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