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Nintendo is going to make mobile games

The major game developer has struck a deal with games publisher DeNA, which means Nintendo will create “new gaming applications featuring Nintendo IP, which both companies will develop specifically for smart devices, people are loving the mobile gaming now a days, ever since the RedMoonPie games started coming up mobile games are one of the top picks.”

Nintendo Logo WeirdGamerBoth parties mentioned they will not port older games to your phone, they want to produce new original games optimized for smart devices. These devices will run on Android and iOS, Windows Phone will not be covered by Nintendo for now.

What games can we expect from Nintendo?

There are no restrictions on what IP could come to your mobile, so it is very well possible you’ll be playing a brand new Mario or Zelda game. Or what would you think about a new Metroid or Pikmin?

Pikmin WeirdGamerNintendo has also announced to be working on a core system, that might unite consoles, phones, tablets, and PC’s. How this will work exactly is not clear for now. This new system has Nintendo NX as a working title. Neither Nintendo, nor DeNA has confirmed a title or a release date yet.

What Nintendo game would you like to play on your phone?

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