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No Man’s Sky has a multiplayer, but you won’t be playing with friends

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky is the upcoming space travel adventure for PlayStation 4 and PC. Sean Murray of Hello Games spoke about the multiplayer aspect of the game.

What’s No Man’s Sky about?

No Man’s Sky has a truly open universe; if you can see it, you can go there. You get to explore uncharted bits of the galaxy. In No Man’s Sky you start in a massive universe there for you to explore. Tons of planets are out there, some may be interesting, some may not. It’s up to you to go there or not.

You get to name your discoveries, like the 19th century explorers did with places they found on this planet. The galaxy itself is immense, and nobody knows what’s out there.

Every corner of this universe is filled with danger. Your suit and ship are quite vulnerable and you have to work hard to keep yourself in safety. You can get attacked on a hostile planet, or even in the air, fighting with other ships.

No Man’s Sky is a Massively Multiplayer Online Adventure game, right?

Eventually you will run into other players, but not in the traditional multiplayer way. The galaxy is just too big for that. If you know on what planet your friend is, he might have to wait a very long time for you to get there. And then what? Those planets are too big to find each other. Just saying you’re waiting on top of a mountain isn’t helping on a planet the size of Earth.

Murray explains,” I don’t want to disappoint people. I don’t want [them to think], “Yeah, yeah, he’s saying it’s difficult, but I’ll do it. And then we will play Destiny together, effectively. We will all run around the planets.”

No Man's Sky Planet View

No. If you want to play a first-person-shooter-sci-fi-run-around-on-a-planet game, play Destiny. It’s a really good game. Go play that. We’re not trying to do that.”

No Man’s Sky will be released in 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PC, no exact date is announced yet.


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