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Oculus Rift has potential, if your brain can handle it

In 2015 the Oculus Rift will be released for the public. The Rift is a Virtual Reality device that you wear as a pair of (over sized) glasses. Once you put them on, you are in a virtual reality. This can be anything, from the nature of Iceland, to the surface of the moon. Wearing the Oculus Rift makes you forget your actual surroundings and let’s you play games in a way you’ve never played before.


Although the Rift hasn’t been released yet, there’s already tons of tech demos you can try out. From going down a roller coaster, travel through space, or solve crimes in a point and click game (or look and click, in this case); many developers are already busy creating all kinds of programs. You can even go to a virtual cinema and watch a movie with your friends, from the comfort of your own couch. The Oculus Rift offers so many unique experiences that you could never achieve with just a screen. Sitting in a tour boat in the canals of Amsterdam (with 360° view) almost feels like you’re really there. If you want, 2 minutes later you are shown the planets of our solar system. You really get the immensity and the sheer size of them. Because it is surrounding you, you feel like you are there, which is great. There are already demos for popular games as Skyrim, Battlefield 3, and Minecraft. Gaming will not be the same as soon as the Rift comes out. Keep an eye on this site as we will be reviewing some demos soon.


Playing with the Oculus Rift gives you a very weird sensation though. Going down the ski slope you’ll notice that your whole body is moving along as it would on a real piste. Walking down the streets of South Park is fine, until you get close and upfront with some of the characters. Having their faces right there in front of yours makes you feel very uncomfortable, not just mentally but also physically. Even something as peaceful as flying over snowy fields in Iceland can upset your stomach after a while.

The Oculus Rift definitely has potential, but there is a downside to it. It is just impossible to play any game for too long. After about 30 minutes your stomach gets upset and your brain disorientated. It may very well be that you can get used to this. But for now, you should look for games and applications that you can play briefly. In the near future we will be reviewing the demos for you, so you don’t risk getting sick, stay tuned!


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One thought on “Oculus Rift has potential, if your brain can handle it”

  1. Ruaridh schreef:

    It definitely takes a while to find your “Oculus legs”. Once you do, it’s possible to play for longer durations. Although it still largely depends on what kind of game you’re playing. Games where you’re grounded in a cockpit or car seat don’t tend to make you feel anywhere near as bad as FPS games, especially where your character doesn’t have a virtual body, it’s very disconcerting looking down and not seeing your legs!

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