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OnLive bought by Sony and shuts down end of month

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Sony has bought OnLive and announced it will shut the service down. The video game streaming service was competing against Sony with PlayStation Now, and Gaikai, another streaming service that Sony already bought earlier.

OnLive won’t charge any fees anymore and will be operational until April 30th. After that, services like OnLive Game Service, OnLive Desktop, and SecondLife on the Go will stop functioning.

Sony will only use certain ‘important’ parts of the acquired patents. Philip Rosenberg of Sony Computer Entertainment acknowledges it’s a strategic takeover. Sony bought Gaikai in 2012, the year OnLive got financial problems. Since OnLive was still operational, it seems Sony wanted to get rid of the competition.

Without OnLive there’s room for PlayStation Now

OnLive Sony WeirdGamer

With the bought patents, it is likely Sony will finalize their PlayStation Now project, which is due to be released later this year.

Once the video game streaming service closes, customers won’t have to fear that they will lose all their progress and game save data. This will be available through Steam, via CloudLift. If you have purchased the OnLive hardware, you are in no luck as there will be no refunds.

OnLive was also used by a lot of Mac owners, who found a way to play games without having to buy another computer. It is unclear what the best solution for them is at the moment.

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