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Play Star Citizen for free this week

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Are you not sure if you want to buy Star Citizen? The this week is your lucky week. you can play the game for free until February 5th.

Star Citizen is a space simulator in which you fight in first person view. You need to mine resources, trade them, all in a massive multiplayer open world. At the same time there’s also a single player campaign. In the game you can buy spaceships for real money, to create a unique experience.

Star Citizen WeirdGamer
Chris Roberts’ Cloud Imperium Games started a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 with a goal to raise $500.000. As of January 2016, they have raised over 100 million dollars! Despite having all that money, they are still selling space ships for 45 dollars though. If you’d still like to try Star Citizen for free this week, go to this page.

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  1. The sad person who thought it was free schreef:


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