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Rainbow Six Siege is all about teamwork

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Rainbox Six Siege is an upcoming Ubisoft shooter, and we played the closed beta. It is different than other shooters Ubisoft has ever made, as teamwork is key here.

There’s 2 ways to play this beta, 3 actually. Either you play with a team of players against another team of online players. One group being the terrorists defending their ground, the other trying to shoot everyone and secure the premises. The second way to play it is with some friends online against the AI of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.Rainbow Six 1 WeirdGamerThe third one being you against the terrorists, when you decide to switch matchmaking off. The latter is a good way to slowly get to grips with the controls before you and your friends dive into the real online adventure. It is also the most difficult game mode as it is you against 22 terrorists, armed to the teeth. Then again, you’ll probable get more kills in this mode than in the online mode, as the AI is designed to go for you once you have been spotted.

The maps in Rainbox Six Siege are small, it’s the whole purpose of the game. It makes it quite intense, as around every corner there might be a threat. After having cleared a room, there’s only a couple of seconds for you to get your breath, and then the action goes on again.

Rainbow Six is made to play as a team

If having to fight a group of heavily armed players isn’t enough, you should also look out for friendly fire. You can shoot your own team mates on Rainbox Six Siege. Another reason why you should really focus on teamwork.Rainbow Six 2 WeirdGamerLevel Designer Bernard Deschamps explains: “First-person shooter skill, in this game, doesn’t really matter that much. It’s really about organisation, and teamplay. The way you have such little time at the beginning and you’re like okay, what’s going to be our strategy? You have someone think about it, and the other person to apply it, and you have to remember small rules, and exceptions, and little things here and there. The people who play that well, they will win.”

“Of course,”he continues “if on the other side you’ve got this awesome, first-person shooter pro lightning-reflex team, they’ve got an edge with their guns, but that’s it. But if they ignore the other details of the game they will be handicapped, and I’m sure the organised team will win, even if they are not super awesome at first-person shooters.”

The game feels a bit like Counter Strike: Global Offensive; having 2 teams in a very confined space, friendly fire, and perma-death. But in CS:GO a lone wolf can prevail much easier than in Rainbox Six Siege.

The closed beta of Rainbow Six Siege is extended until October 4th. Learn here how to win beta codes.

The Rainbow Six Siege release date is planned for December 1st for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Quote source: Gamespot


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