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Some U.S. PS Vita owners get money from Sony

If you bought a PlayStation Vita in the U.S. before June 2012, you are entitled to get $25 dollars refund of a $50 voucher. This has to do with false advertising by Sony, says the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Sony said that players could seamlessly switch from their PlayStation 3 to the PS Vita and continue playing their game. It turns out, this is only possible for a couple of games. Misleading advertisement, according to the FTC. Therefor, Sony will have to pay up.

You can either get a $25 cash or credit refund, or a voucher that gives you $50 credit that you can spend on games. Sony will inform everyone via email, so if you bought a PS Vita before June 2012, keep an eye on your inbox.

The settlement Sony made with the FTC can go as high as $14 million. Sony is not the only tech company that the FTC was after. Earlier this year companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and T-Mobile all had to deal with a settlement or lawsuit filed by the FTC.

Source: Time

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