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Square Enix will explain Project Code Z on January 31st

Project Code Z Weirdgamer

Project Code Z, that is the code name of a new title Square Enix will announce January 31st. They are keeping everything quite secretive, the website of Project Code Z doesn’t reveal much yet.

From the website of Project Code Z there is one thing that we can say with certainty, it will be a PS4 game. And that is pretty much it…

Even the official Twitter account of Project Code Z has only posted 5 tweets up until now, so we can’t deduct much from there either. Rumors go that it will be a brand new RPG title. Since most of the information is in Japanese, it is very likely it will be a J-RPG.

It has been a while since Square Enix have released a successful RPG, the die hard Final Fantasy fans will debate which version was the latest one that could be considered a good one.

After January 31st we will know more once Square Enix has revealed the true Identity of Project Code Z during the gaming conference Tokaigi . Stay tuned for more information.

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