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Test: GTA 5 for PC already runs at 60 fps

GTA 5 PC WeirdGamer

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is a massive hit on the consoles. January 27th GTA 5 will be released for PC. Some gamers fear the same drama as the GTA 4 port: in short, it was crap!

According to a Rockstar developer, gamers need not worry: the game will run smoothly. It already runs at 60 fps (frames per second). Another reason why we can all sit back and relax: the team working on GTA 5 for PC is the same team responsible for Max Payne 3 for PC. That game gets raving reviews, so it’s only fair to expect they’ll do a great job on GTA 5 too.

GTA 5 PC cars


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One thought on “Test: GTA 5 for PC already runs at 60 fps”

  1. SBOBET schreef:

    GTA 5 ? Graphic is beautuful.

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