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The Curious Expedition: a lovely game about exploring

The Curious Expedition is a roguelike game in which famous explorers take a team and go out to discover new places. On your journey you’ll discover temples, fight wild beasts, and discover the most interesting places.

Although still in alpha stage, The Curious Expedition is already a challenging experience. Each trip is different (all locations are generated randomly) so like the 19th century explorers in real life, you don’t know what lies beyond the wilderness.

Curious Expedition 2

In The Curious Expedition you set up a team (each member has its own perks) and start wandering. At first you don’t see much of the map, but this will grow as soon as you move towards new areas. Certain exploration leaders see more of the map to begin with. If not, climbing a mountain might be very useful to enhance the view of your map, despite the extra cost in sanity.

When you run into a village, you might get some rest or trade with the locals. You need to rest often, so your sanity meter won’t deplete fully. On your way, you may pick up items which you’ll need during your expedition. Once you found the golden pyramid, you won the level and go on to the next one.

The Curious Expedition is a game that you keep on playing. The levels themselves usually don’t take long, so even if you don’t have much time, you’ll still be able to enjoy this game. Keep an eye on this site, you’ll find more information about The Curious Expedition soon.


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