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The Division Beta: first impressions

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Tom Clancy’s The Division had an open beta last weekend. After having played the closed beta, it was time to check out New York in the open beta. Here are some things I noticed in The Division Beta; some are good, some are bad. Is it worth getting this game? Find out for yourself.

The Division is the long awaited MMO shooter/RPG by Ubisoft. In this game, you wander the streets of New York alone or in a team. You’ll run into gang members, other Division agents, and people so unfortunate that they have to live in this grim city. Most of the first mentioned people are bad guys. Where the gangsters are AI controlled, the other agents are players worldwide online.The Division WeirdGamer 2

The Division gives us a beautiful, big city

The graphics of The Division Beta aren’t bad, but it is definitely not what they promised it to be in the first trailer. Remember Watch_Dogs? Well, Ubisoft did it again. They showed us a trailer with amazing graphics, way better than the ones in the actual game. And it makes you wonder: if they downgraded the graphics, what else did they downgrade?

Don’t get me wrong, New York still looks great in The Division. The streets are eerie, the whole atmosphere is quite exciting. Then what’s the problem? It’s like promising someone a million dollars, and then disappoint them by only giving them half a million. It’s still a lot, but it wasn’t what they were hoping for.

You might not even notice the downgrade of graphics in The Division Beta though. The HUD really clutters the screen. There is so much added information on screen that you spend more time trying to figure out what it’s trying to tell you than that you are shooting baddies.The Division Beta WeirdGamer 1

The Division Beta: poor gameplay

The biggest concern for The Division is the actual gameplay. From what we’ve seen in the beta, the missions are very repetitive. You go to a location, shoot some bad guys…end of mission. With a terrible AI that just comes running at you as if you were unarmed, there is not much thrill in this type of gameplay.

So the only challenging stuff can be found when dealing with other players online. If we have learned one thing from recent online communities: most players are dicks. If you don’t team up in The Division, you are pretty much screwed.

When entering the Dark Zone (the online region of the game) you can quickly team up with people. This is definitely recommended, because you won’t survive alone. Don’t get too comfortable though, your team mates can turn against you and rob you of your loot.

Since all your loot is contaminated, it needs be dropped off at certain points. Before you do that, you are carrying a visible yellow bag on your back. This makes it easy for other players to spot if you’re an interesting kill or not. Dropping your loot off is quite dangerous as it is very obvious when and where it’s taking place. You become a sitting duck if you just came there to drop something off.

What I’ve seen in The Division Beta was entertaining, but not convincing. If you don’t have friends to play with, The Division can get really frustrating pretty quickly. Its missions aren’t interesting. Moreover,  the stupid AI is funny in the beginning but it gets annoying really fast. Adding the downgraded graphics, and the ridiculous amount of information on screen and it’s safe to say that The Division is not going to live up to its hype.

The Division release date is the 8th of March 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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