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The Division will get open beta this month

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Ubisofts highly anticipated Tom Clancy’s The Division will have an open beta this month. This was announced right after the closed beta of the online shooter. The game will be released for PS4, Xbox One and Windows.

The Division was announced by Ubisoft a long time ago. The trailer looked amazing and the hype train took off directly. But it turned out to be a long ride. The wait lasted and lasted…..the delays kept on coming. Now it is finally to a point where we know the release date and it’s too near to change it, right Ubisoft?The Division WeirdGamer

Is The Division any good?

Last weekend was the closed beta and a few things became clear. The Division for PC is worse than GTA Online. It’s a cheater infested world even before the game is out. The graphics have definitely been downgraded in comparison to the first trailer, but New York still looks pretty cool.

The gameplayis pretty straightforward, so we’re expecting that this new title will do well. It’s action packed, although when dealing with (the retarded) AI it gets repetitive very quickly. We got really annoyed by the constant on screen information, especially pointing out every corner we could use to take cover.

The Division release date is March 8th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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