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The Internet Archive now offers 2300 free MS-DOS games

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The Internet Archive is a great collection of all that the internet has to offer, hence the name. You can revisit old sites, listen to tons of audio files, watch videos, and so on. And now you can also play thousands of games for free.

MS-DOS games were extremely popular in the pre PlayStation/Xbox era. Prince of Persia, Castle Wolfenstein, Sim City, Frogger, and Maniac Mansion were the talk of the town back then. And what about Metal Gear, or Wings of Fury?

frogger weirdgamer

Jason Scott of the Internet Archive said they added only working copies, although there’s always the risk one of them might not work properly. You play the games in your browser using DOSBox. With almost 2300 games, this collection is a true gem in video game history.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to go to the list of free games.


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