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Total War Battles: Kingdom, a new free to play game

Creative Assembly, the makers of the popular Total War series, have announced a new free to play title: Total War Battles: Kingdom. It takes place in England in the 10th century. You start as a young noble who has inherited his father’s land. It is your task to rebuild the kingdom.

Total War Battles: Kingdom will be a server based game, so you can play it on different devices. So from your PC or Android tablet, you play the same game. It also makes the scale of Total War Battles: Kingdom much bigger. The goal of Creative Assembly is to make a deeper game than normal free to play games.

The graphics of Total War Battles: Kingdom look pretty impressive

Battles are short in Total War Battles: Kingdom. They take about 2-3 minutes in which you move your troops the best to counter the moves your enemy is making. The game is made so you can just play for a couple of minutes if you don’t have much time, yet it has a lot of depth. So if you have some more time, you can really build up a strong army and improve your realm. This should keep gamers interested even for the long run.

A closed beta will start early next year. Click here if you want to apply for it.



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