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Uncharted 4: Spectacular and impressive

Uncharted 4 Header WeirdGamer

Uncharted 4, Sony’s PS4 exclusive made by Naughty Dog, has come out and we’ve been playing it all week. It’s quite a big and impressive game, so it took us some time before we could write this review.

Let’s just start by saying; Uncharted 4 is a great game! It really is one of those titles that makes you buy the console if you didn’t own one yet. Besides the jaw dropping graphics, we were especially impressed by the gameplay. Let’s go into a bit more detail without spoiling anything for you.Uncharted 4 Madagascar WeirdGamer

Graphics: We get to see what’s possible with this generation

The Uncharted series has always been known for its amazing graphics, Uncharted 4 is no exception. At the moment it’s by far the best looking game on the PlayStation 4. The frame rate is solid at 60 fps, all in 1080p. That’s even more impressive given the intense amount of detail they put in the landscapes. Driving through Madagascar makes you want to stop every now and then and just take in the view. Or staring at a ruin of a cathedral in Scotland, only to then enter an unexplored cave full of relics, it’s all just breathtaking.

And then the characters, they look so real. The facial expressions of the people are so well done. You can easily read any kind of emotion of the faces of Nathan, Sam, and even Sully (despite the stash). And these are in game animations, there’s no loading for cut scenes or anything. In fact, there’s no loading at all, except for when you start the game.Uncharted 4 Facial Expressions WeirdGamer

Gameplay: Everything runs so smooth

Before we continue, it’s important to know that the writer of this review wasn’t a big fan of the controls of previous Uncharted games. Being aware that this is an unpopulair opinion, it comes as a big relief that the controls in Uncharted 4 are up to standard. The aiming feels a lot more natural this time, and it’s when Nathan isn’t walking when you really notice how well the controls work.

Driving a 4×4 up a muddy hill, for example, just feels right. Even if you’re only pressing accelerate, it feels like you’re putting the right amount of effort into it to get up that hill. It’s like you feel the mud sliding from under you. And you adjust the steering wheel accordingly, to feel relieved once you’re on top of the hill.

Or when you’re scuba diving. In so many games you’d throw the controller at your screen in situations like that. In Uncharted 4, it feels like you’ve been scuba diving your whole life.

The amount of information on screen is a little downside though. Sure, the button you have to mash has to be on screen, but having a pop up every time you’re near a spot to throw your rope is a bit annoying. It’s not the end of the world, by all means, and maybe it just shows how good the game is if the negatives are this petty.Uncharted 4 young Nathan WeirdGamer

The tutorial is done very nicely; a great little chapter to get you acquainted with both the main characters as well as the controls.

Story: Better than any movie in the last year

Nathan Drake is off to find another treasure. Doesn’t sound too original, does it? Somehow, that doesn’t matter at all. The story is told in such a good way, that you’re almost at the edge of your seat during the entire game.

Even if you’ve never played any Uncharted game before, you’ll get sucked into Uncharted 4 directly from the start. The aforementioned tutorial chapter is a welcome introduction. It’s not just ‘press this to do that’, it’s a sweet little story that invokes compassion. Even if you’ve never heard of Nathan Drake before, you feel good playing as him thanks to this introduction.Uncharted 4 Scotland WeirdGamer

So Uncharted 4 starts of great, but it just keeps on getting better. Every chapter is better than the previous one, which is quite the feat since it starts of so well. At every new location, you get a sense of achievement once you reached the end. But you kind of hope that they won’t find the treasure yet, so you can play some more.

Overal: Uncharted 4 is a unique experience

What makes Uncharted 4 so good is that everything seems to work well. The voice acting is probably the best ever for a video game. When you’re in Italy, they speak Italian. When you walk the wrong way, you get a funny remark. When you’re playing a game with your wife, she’ll tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong, and so on.

Then there are the little details that make it so realistic, like a recognizable ringtone, or real world products (it helps that it’s a Sony game).Uncharted 4 view WeirdGamer

Uncharted 4 also has a multiplayer, which is pretty fun. Uncharted 4 is definitely designed as a single player game, but the multiplayer can be entertaining. While shooting other players, you pick up treasures to collect enough cash to buy funny upgrades like a well equipped buddy that resembles a bit those armored guys from Far Cry 4.

But you won’t buy Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End for the multiplayer. You buy the game for the single player experience. And yes, the game is that good, that you’ll even buy the PS4 with it, if necessary.

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