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Video: 1 hour gameplay of American Truck Simulator

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One of the most popular simulator games around is Euro Truck Simulator 2. You get into a truck, pick a cargo and drive along the highways of Europe. If you feel like changing scenery, there’s good news. SCS, the developers, are working on a US version: American Truck Simulator.

They have released an hour long video of alpha footage of American Truck Simulator, and it is safe to say, it looks amazing! Even though this is still a game in development, fans will probably feel the water running in their mouths. This gameplay video of American Truck Driver is almost 1 hour long, so sit back and enjoy.
Just like in Euro Truck Simulator 2, you obey the rules of the road while delivering cargo to a certain destination. In this video of American Truck Simulator you deliver a tractor to Fresno. The rules of US roads are slightly different, but you shouldn’t have any problems adapting to this game. Once again it’s you, your truck, and the road…. is there anything more relaxing?

The landscape in American Truck Simulator already looks stunning, and we can assume it only gets better. The trucks themselves look great too, so America Truck Simulator is a true upgrade from Euro Truck Simulator.

American Truck Simulator screen WeirdGamer

There is no release date announced yet, but keep an eye on this site for more information regarding American Truck Simulator.


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