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Video: Destiny Expansion 1, The Dark Below

Destiny has been a big hit on all consoles. This sci-fi first person shooter will have a first official expansion released on December 9th, Destiny Expansion: The Dark Below.

The Dark Below is a pretty big expansion. It contains new weapons and gear, new maps, new game modes, and brand new story missions. Eris is a new character that will provide you with many quests. She and other guardians tried to kill Crota, but they were unsuccessful. After years of hiding, she is finally back and eager to get some revenge.

Patrick  O’Kelly, head of production at Bungie says,”Eris is many things, she’s a vendor in the tower, so she has loot and armor for you to get as you progress in the story, but she’s also the main quest-giver for the whole Dark Below story line.”

But it’s not all about the new story line. “We’re gonna have new Crucible weapons, a full set of new Raid weapons, new Vanguard weapons and new legendary weapons across the board,” Bungie designer Jon Weisnewski added.

Just check out the video and see for yourself what you can expect from the Destiny: The Dark Below expansion, available on December 9th.

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