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Will GTA 5 for PC be worth the wait?

GTA V (Grand Theft  Auto 5) will be released for PC in January 2015. This is a year and 4 months after it got released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Millions of people have already played the story line and are emerged into action packed online play (except for pulling heists) so will people want to buy it for PC? First let’s have a look at the review I wrote for this game.


Good Story

GTA 5 is a story about 3 men, Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Franklin is a gangster from the ghetto who wants to become a big shot (not only to impress his ex), Michael is a retired bank robber with family issues. And then there’s Trevor, a nut job redneck who uses his company Trevor Philips Industries to sell meth.

Trevor and Michael know each other from before, Franklin will become acquainted with both during the game. Eventually they will pull heists together and rob a lot of money.

Since you are constantly switching between characters, you get to know them gradually. They all have their own issues which provides us with a varied story. Instead of looking at a movie, GTA 5 gives you the feeling you’re watching an entire network channel with different shows. PLaying with Franklin, you’re in a gangster show, Michael’s life is a soap opera and Trevor… I’m not sure if we’re dealing with a sitcom or a horror show here.

Los Santos and its environment

Is’s easy to say: Los Santos is huge! The city -based on Los Angeles- has different neighborhoods, a big harbor and airport. Up the hills there’s what resembles Beverly Hills and Hollywood (called Vinewood in the game), and behind that, there’s a vast landscape with a desert, a lake, 2 towns and a massive mountain (Mount Chilliad). It looked impressive on PS3 and Xbox 360, but the graphical improvements for this generation are impressive. GTA 5 is as big as the maps of GTA 4, GTA San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combined!

GTA 5 landscape

Varied Gameplay offers great experience

So the story of the 3 characters is interesting and fun. It offers you many hours of gameplay, and thanks to decisions you have to make during the game, it also has a high replay value. But besides that, there is so much to do in the game that has nothing to do with the story. How about a game of tennis or golf? Or maybe you prefer some yoga (although I must note that doing yoga in GTA 5 will not give you an excuse to skip your own class later that day)? After stealing cars all day and shooting people, you might want to blow off some steam at the strip club.

During the game you will accumulate vast amounts of money. You can spend that by buying property, getting a massive tattoo in your neck or buy options at the stock market. If you do well, before you know it you can buy your own private jet.

Despite the size of the open world in GTA 5, there are so many small details that impress. For instance the turbulence you experience when you fly with a player whose flying skills aren’t that great. Or the extra time it takes to steal a car in order to hotwire it. The conversations you hear when you walk down the street are just another proof of the vastness of this game. So many script goes into these conversations, and there is a chance you will never ever hear them.


So what’s new in GTA 5 for PS4, Xbox One and PC? Well, graphically it has improved a lot. The textures of grass, the water…it all looks so much better. There will also be more traffic on the roads, because the newer consoles and PC’s can handle it. Check out the comparison video below.

Besides that, there will be a first person view, like Skyrim had and the radio stations offer more content. The latter is great, because after so many hours of playing GTA 5, the radios became a nuisance. With that in mind, is it worth buying the game again for Xbox One or PS4 if you already have played it? If you play GTA Online a lot, the upgrade is comparable to buying FIFA 15 when you already own FIFA 14. It looks slightly better, but it’s mainly because all your friends bought the new one, so you need to get it too. Yes, you will enjoy it, it looks amazing, but your old copy of GTA 5 works just as well. Now, what about getting it for PC?

For PC it’s a completely different story. First of all, you’ll have to wait longer, but that is not a problem. Because, as soon as GTA 5 comes out for PC there will be modders creating all kinds of modifications. Many PC games are known for their mods including GTA 4, so GTA 5 will be no exception. These mods usually offer graphical improvements, better lighting, or playing as Spongebob instead of one of the normal characters. Anything you can think of, there will be a mod for that (pretty much). This means that the game will be different every time you play it. And, it’s also cheaper than the console versions. There’s a big PC gaming community that, despite their anger for having to wait so long, will be thrilled to see this masterpiece finally arrive on their gaming machines!

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