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Will GTA 5 for PC come out on January 27th?

GTA 5 PC WeirdGamer

There have been rumors that Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC (GTAV) will not come out on its release date, January 27th. Even though at Rockstar Games they say it will be, it seems that the rumors might actually be correct.

Steam, usually very trustworthy when it comes to release dates, has changed the date for Grand Theft Auto 5 from January 27th to….Early 2015. This makes many people believe that the game will indeed be released later than announced by Rockstar. It is weird that Rockstar doesn’t confirm this, even though we’re only 3 weeks away from launch.

gta5 steam weirdgamer

Who knows, maybe Rockstar is right. But that makes you wonder, why would Steam change the date? Anyways, it is more important for the PC version to be a good version than one that is crappy but released on time. We all remember how horrible GTA 4 for PC was, don’t we?


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